Creators of shrines and temples that protect prayers

KIBITO by Kirinaka Architecture

The architecture of shrines and temples is the result of refined techniques and thorough attention to detail. Protecting your prayers and passing on something wonderful to future generations.

Reasons for choosing KIBITO

Here are three reasons why so many priests and Shinto priests choose us.

1.A building that can be designated as a cultural asset.

He was trained under the apprenticeship of Tsunekazu Nishioka, the exclusive palace carpenter of Horyuji Temple. The work is constructed with skills that even expert carpenters can appreciate. We aim to designate it as a cultural asset.

2.The result is beyond imagination.

We were on a tight budget, but we were able to create something that exceeded our expectations. This is what our past clients have always said.

We have a unique system to reduce costs, ideas, and passion to realize your wish to "make something good and preserve it for future generations. We have a unique system, ideas, and passion to keep costs down in order to realize your wishes.

3.Uncompromising work.

Even if the work is completed according to the blueprints, we will continue to work until we are satisfied with the result. This is because we want you to be happy that we have created something really good.

About me

Longing for technology and wanting to protect the architecture of temples and shrines

I have loved and been interested in architecture since I was a child, and I have continued to learn about it ever since. I want to protect the architecture of temples and shrines, to leave something wonderful to future generations, and to create buildings that can't be found anywhere else, so I hone my skills and devote myself to my work every day.


Examples of shrines and temples created by tree lion.

We put our heart and soul into the creation of this project. We have created a shrine and temple that conveys our feelings to our parishioners and visitors. Please take a look.

There are many more examples of construction.


Impressions from the client

It is the impression of the owner who requested to KIBITO and Kirinaka Architecture